Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Creations

Hi guys! Finally some pictures of what I'm selling!

These are hand made earrings with selected Swarovski crystals for sale at the upcoming craft fair. So yes, if you see something you really fancy, drop by my stall at Why Why Book Shop, Ipoh Parade on the 1st & 2nd of May! It's the floor above Popular Bookstore.

Each pair of earring is an one-off piece (meaning that each earring is one of a kind) made with love  and attention to detail. Since everything on display now is reserved for the craft fair and if you're really interested in a particular design, don't worry because it can be available upon request. I'll just make a new one for you.

Online purchasing will be available 3rd of May 2010 onwards (that's after the craft fair, since I'll have more time to attend online orders) but you may submit your requests now to my email or leave a message at the Chatterbox on the right and we'll work something out! :)

Pricing for Swarovski Earrings

RM 15 per pair
RM 28 per 2 pairs

P/S: I'd suggest that you buy one for yourself and one for your best friend. That's what my best friend and I always did when we go shopping together. :)